Loma Pioneer Repeater Club

Serving over 1/3 of California on VHF 146.640 and UHF WIN System 442.900

What is the LPRC?

The Loma Pioneer Repeater Club is an organization of active radio amateurs devoted to public service, providing high-level emergency communications in times of catastrophe or emergency. We understand how important it is to preserve amateur radio as a resource and a hobby.

2 Meters
The mighty high-level 2 meter repeater WR6ABD is on 146.640 MHz, negative offset, 162.2 PL tone. The elevation of the receiving antenna is over 3,800 feet. It overlooks the San Francisco Bay and Monterey Bay Areas on Mt. Loma Prieta.

The weekly LPRC club check-in is at 8 PM, Tuesday nights Pacific Time on the 2 meter machine.

A digipeater and packet node are also available.

70 cm
In addition to the 2-meter LPRC repeater, we have a 440 machine at 442.900, positive offset, 162.2 PL, which is an open machine run by our partners at the WIN System. The “Western Intertie Network” is a linked system of more than 75 repeaters worldwide. If you haven’t checked out the WIN System machine, it’s a lot of fun and active pretty much around the clock.

groups.io email reflector
The Club has a groups.io email reflector which is our primary means of email communication. Just click here to view the reflector page. Sign up if you haven’t already done so. It’s free! You can just use the groups.io page or simply send an empty email to lomapioneer+subscribe@groups.io

Breakfast Meetings
The Club holds quarterly breakfasts on the third Saturdays of January, April and October. Come join us and meet your friends!

Annual Summer Picnic
The LPRC also hosts an Annual Picnic. This is a well-attended event usually held in the last week of July of each year at Mount Madonna Park. Plan to come, one and all!

How to become a member of the LPRC
Please fill out this form and send it to John W6UQZ